Eyewear that embraces the Lanvin disctinct brand codes.

Lanvin was founded in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin when she opened her first hat shop in the heart of Paris at the early age of 22. Jeanne Lanvin gradually built an empire and heralded a lifestyle revolution. Hats, children’s clothing, young ladies’ and women’s clothing, furs, lingerie, wedding gowns, sports attire, men’s wear, perfumes, and even decor were among the many collections of the Lanvin brand.
Jeanne Lanvin was known for her love towards her only child, Marguerite, her greatest love, her muse. Born in 1897, Marguerite became the first source of inspiration for Jeanne. From this close mother-daughter relationship, the Lanvin fashion house is born. As Marguerite grew into a young woman, she became the brand’s muse for collections, combining elegance, femininity, and youth.

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